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In this article "Carnivores open up den Wildlife refuge turns to visitors the Keenesburg-area center, which rescues bears, lions, and tigers, needed more funding " the author talks about the new center in Colorado for animals like tigers, lions, grizzly bears, bobcats and other carnivores. the author wants to explains some facts about the people in Colorado can not own the nature however, in the center of Colorado there are some places which you can own the nature in some forms such as zoo and licensed regions. According to the article the owner of the center spent a lot of money to make this. For example, each tiger eat 50 pounds of meat a day. and the owner built the center because he wants to product the animals from disappear.

In my opinion, I agree with author in some points but I have some better ways to save animals. I think we do not need to keep the animals in the center because we can let them live in their own nature and if they need some help such as to produce more babies to keep their population in balance, this kind of help well be better for them.

Another important point about this issue is, the government. In my opinion, if the government forbids the hunting in the forests or if they make a schedule for hunters. We do not have to keep the animals in the center because in this case animals will be not disappear.

Finally, I want to conclude with some suggestions about this issue. First, government has to make some strict lows about hunting animals to save their lives. By this way the animals will not be disappear. Second, we have to help the animals in their own nature and do not bother them like keeping them in some closed places .those kind of things will be better for animals.

Carnivores open up den Wildlife refuge turns to visitors the Keenesburg-area center, which rescues bears, lions, and tigers, needed more funding.(April 17, 2005) Retrieved on may 26 2005 from http://web.lexis-

Scientist Discover Unexpected Pollutant While Monitoring Fragile Mountain Habitats

In this article, the author “Jill Baron” said that too much of a good thing could be very dangerous for the ecosystem’s health. Also the author wants to explain about plant is concerned amount of nitrogen. The FORT (Fort Collins Science Center) studied how much of nitrogen is good for the ecosystem. Also the FORT studied the air, water, and soil of mountain habitats within Rocky Mountain National Park. The studies found this kind of nitrogen has some influences on the plants and animals, and it makes pollution into the atmosphere. According to the author that will has more affect in the future.

I fully agree with author when he said too much of a good think could prove hazardous to an ecosystem’s health. I think that is true because too much of nitrogen affects the plants and animals in my opinion that happens because in our society they take care of industrials development more than the environment

Grizzly Bear

I want to talk about Grizzly Bear and some important problems which they have. The first thing that I want to mention is the definition of Grizzly Bear. Grizzly bears are the biggest animals in the North America. “Male Grizzly bears stand about 7 feet tall and their weight is from 300 to 600 pounds,”(U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Fish & wildlife Service, April 2000, par.3). They have a concave face and long curved claws. Grizzly bears get their food from nature; this means they eat both animals and plants. Such as, wild fruits, berries, nuts, bulbs, roots of certain plants and insects. But In these days they are facing several problems. The problem is very big but basically endangered their culture will go away, they will disappear. Between 1850 and 1920 grizzly bears were eliminate from 95% of their original range, between 1920 and 1970 they became 52%. In this article, I want to mention this huge problem. Grizzly bears are disappearing day by day. Also there are several big problems are following this big issue. The first thing is, people are hunting those bears and secondly, the government is taking those bears from their own nature and putting them into a different place. Lastly, the pollution factor on Grizzly bears.

The first and the most dangerous problem is hunting. Hunters hunt Grizzly bears randomly. In this case, the government does not make a strict law about hunting Grizzly bears. Hunters hunt especially female bears and this problem is worse because with out female Grizzly bears, the population of Grizzly bears will go down. Colorado’s wildlife company sites Tom Back who says that “Using dogs and bait to hunt bears, and killing females while they have still dependent cubs, conflicts with many people’s sense of fair play.”( Colorado’s wildlife company, 1994 par. 2).

The next important problem about Grizzly bears is, taking them from their own nature after that putting them into a different place. As known, we must not take the animals from their own nature because basically they feel comfortable only in their own nature. According to this problem, Gonzales says that “Owning exotic wildlife is a crime in Colorado, but center is licensed and accredited.”(April 17, 2005, par. 9). But in licensed places and zoos, the costumers disturb the Grizzly bears and this is very bad for the Grizzly bears. Gonzales sites Craig, the owner of the place who is saying that “While the concern was that human traffic would disturb the animals, opening the center is benefit because it allows the center to educate the public about animals kept in captivity.”(April 17, 2005). As we see, educating public with this way can be mixed with keeping Grizzly bear in some place because the most important thing is Grizzly bears natural environment.

Finally, the environmental pollution is one of the most dangerous affect on Grizzly bears. Humans are polluting the environment by throwing trash, building factories near the national parks and not taking care of the prevention of the pollution. This can affect the Grizzly bears in one way. When humans pollute the environment the pollution goes to their food and also it makes odor. In this case, Grizzly bears eat the polluted foods and they start to be sick. So this problem has a huge affect on Grizzly bears.

According to those problems, there are several things that should be done. The first thing is, the government has to make a strict law about hunting Grizzly bears to save their lives. By this way Grizzly bears will not be disappeared. Second, government officials and owners have to help the Grizzly bears in their own nature and do not bother them like keeping them in some places such as licensed places and zoos. The third thing is, government officials and owners have to remember that public education and Grizzly bear’s own nature can not be mixed. Finally, government has to make very strict laws about polluting the national parks because of Grizzly bear’s health and population.

In conclusion, if we take care of Grizzly bears in these ways. We will save the most important two things in our world. First, Grizzly bears will be better and second we will not pollute our most valuable thing, nature.

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Karina'>">Karina Montgomery said " We're all accustomed toTim Burton making quirky, interesting movies. Well, this movie is quirky and interesting, but yet, if you didn't know it was Tim Burton, you never would guess it, besides the meticulous construction of the fictional world inside the head of hero Ed Bloom. But Burton's usual skill with whimsy and spirit is dampened in this film; the surreality has no heart, no aim. The unfocused quality of the story gives me pause. I tried to find meaning within the methods of the intricate web of back stories and meandering tall tales and apply them to the present-day plot line involving Bill Crudup. Perhaps we are supposed to follow Crudup's character's growth and discovery ourselves, but much of the time I felt locked out. It's a romantic fiction, an adventure, and a quirky character comedy, with a warm, glowing center, but it takes far more than three licks to get to the center of this treat.yes I'm agree with author but I like comedy part and also I confused because many parts in different places but almost in the same time.

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Ahmed Ali

Cellular is an action movie. The movie is about a family that is kidnapped by the people who work with police. The mother of the family tried to fix the telephone that the kidnapper broke, until she called someone without knowing the number, then the guy who she called was trying to help them by calling the police and keeping the call working even with problems in the signatures of the call phone. Then the cops came and caught the kidnapper and helped the family. What I like in this movie is the action and the story, it is special story; you could not find this kind of story a lot.

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